Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3. My Dad

(I'm failing miserably on this blog, but here is entry #3, two months later...)

I'll be honest, I've struggled a little bit with writing this one. The main reason is because my dad is a very quiet man, never wants to be in the spotlight in any situation, so it's sometimes difficult to point out what I love most about him. However, I think for a lot of people you can tell so much about their character even in their silence.

One of my favorite things about my dad has always been his extremely protective nature. While this might have been frustrating in high school and even into college, he made it very clear that no one hurts his girls. I love that about him! An example of this came out in a conversation I was having with 2 college girls about relationships they were in/considering beginning last summer. I told them I have a question I like to ask guys - whether friends or potentially something more...

If you and I are leaving the same place headed to the same location and we both know where we are going, do you drive ahead of me or behind me? Why?

We discussed the pros and cons of both and then I told them which I prefer. (I'm not going to post it on here just in case...haha). Like the security blanket that most children carry around from place to place, dragging it across the dirt and dust on the ground, I've always thought of my dad as my security blanket. If I get into a situation and need someone to be on my side, I always call my dad. He is my biggest fan because, even when I know I'm the one in the wrong, he always takes my side.

Here are some of my favorite pictures representing some of my favorite things about my dad:

He is one of the hardest working people I know. I'm serious, he never takes a day off! He loves his job and is extremely loyal to those he works for and with.

He LOVES his grand babies! You will never see my dad smile more or get giddy about anything else other than Kaycin and Madi. Recently he took them out to Eastman to show them where he works. It was such a joy watching him hoist them up into the firetrucks and ambulance. They adore their "Pops" and they have him completely wrapped around their little fingers and don't even know it.

If you ever want to get him talking, mention 4 things : Kaycin, Madi, baseball, or football. He will talk for hours about any of these. I love talking baseball with my dad! I know I get my love for the game from him and I love him for it! He's been a baseball player all of his life so he knows everything there is to know about the game. He spends most of his weekends calling football for high school and semi-pro league games. Below is a picture of him with his crew before a game. He loves to be on the field! 

Things haven't always been easy for our family - we've definitely been through our share of trials and tribulations, but there are a few things I know have never changed about my dad : He loves the Lord. He loves his family. He would do anything for anybody. 

As much as I love watching baseball, talking football, playing with Kaycin and Madi, going to dinner, etc. with my dad - what I absolutely love more than any of these is getting up on a Sunday morning to go to church with him. There's just something about having him stand next to me during worship and then read his Bible along with me during the preaching that fills my heart with joy and pride that he is my dad.


For the numerous oil changes, times you've filled my car up with gas, rescuing me on the side of the road when I have a flat tire, listening to me yell and cry when my world is seemingly falling apart, moving me from East Texas to Fort Worth to New Orleans to Hurst and back to East Texas, being there for every game from little dribblers to high school (giving the refs more than an earful too many times to count), supporting me in my decisions (even when you didn't agree), encouraging me in all aspects of my life, and loving me no matter how many stupid mistakes I've made - Thank you! 

I love you!!

Always and forever, 
Your Little Girl

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