Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The 50 Things I Love Most Challenge...

Although I am calling this a challenge, it is actually more of an exercise to get me writing again. I came up with an idea to blog about the 50 things I love most in the whole world. The 50 things that, today, I think it would be difficult to eliminate from my life. While some have to do with people and others are more "luxuries" that I am able to enjoy, they still fall under this category.

I read one time that you know your true passions, your true loves, by what you spend your time doing and how you spend your money. I took this into consideration while making my list of 50 items. Some are quite silly, others are quite obvious, while some might be a little surprising to those who know me. This is all in fun, with a little serious mixed in, but a challenge/exercise I am excited to begin.

The plan is to write about one thing each weekday. I'm not typically around a computer over the weekend so I won't set myself up to fail by requiring a post on Saturday and Sunday. Monday through Friday, for the next 10 weeks, I will blog about the next item on my list. With the exception of the first 8 (my family members), they are in no particular order.

So hopefully you will find this interesting enough to keep reading. Oh, and I will mix in some pictures for those of you who find it daunting to read a wordy blog. Feel free to comment if you feel so inclined. The first post will be published tomorrow... Aren't you so excited?!? Stay tuned!

Below is a teaser picture for one of the items on my list - this is no surprise to anyone...

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